R. LeRoy Creswell Award for Outreach and Education

The R. LeRoy Creswell Award was established in 2022 for students who have shown exceptional merit in outreach activities as exemplified by LeRoy Creswell during his career in outreach and extension services, and efforts to educate farmers and other shareholders to improve and expand the shellfish enterprise.  LeRoy was a long-time NSA member and recipient of the David Wallace Award.  This award is based upon either support or recognition of student merit in any of the following categories: recognition of an outstanding oral or poster presentation on outreach/extension at the annual NSA conference; support of outreach/extension costs incurred by a student; recognition of an exceptional outreach/extension outcome by a student within the first year of their post-graduate work.  The award is presented based upon either written applications or nominations submitted to the Awards (Past Presidents) Committee with final approval by the EXCOM.  This award includes a $1,250 prize. Applications/nominations are due November 1 each year.   Click here for application information. Not a student member of the NSA?  Join now.

Award Recipients: Project Title:

Kayla Mladinich Poole

(2023) University of Connecticut, Department of Marine Sciences

Selective Ingestion of Microplastics by Suspension-Feeding Invertebrates: Investigations into Sources, Fate, and Concentrations in Coastal Environments