Sandra E. Shumway Award

The NSA Executive Committee approved a proposal to recognize outstanding student written contributions to the Journal of Shellfish Research at the 102nd Annual Meeting (2010) in San Diego, CA.  Upon completion of each volume of the JSR, beginning with volume 28 published in 2009, a subgroup of the JSR Editorial Board reviews all papers with students listed as lead authors to determine the outstanding student paper published in that year.  This award includes a $1,250 prize.

Selection and Evaluation Criteria:

  • Lead author must have been a student when the work was completed
  • The paper must present the student's work, not that of a co-author
  • Quality of science
  • Quality of writing
  • Importance of the work to the field of shellfish research




Title of Paper

  Will be announced at the Triennial Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana 2025
 Maritza Garcia-Flores

Garcia-Flores, M., Ceballos-Vazquez, B.P., and Rosales-Velazquez, M.O. Embryonic development and fecundity of the Pacific pygmy octopus, Paroctopus digueti. Journal of Shellfish Research, 41(1): 125-134.

Samara French

French, S.M., Courtney, A.J., and Yang, W.-H. 2021. Quantitative Analysis of the Fisher-Independent Queensland Saucer Scallop (Ylistrum balloti) Trawl Survey . Journal of Shellfish Research, 40(2): 297-309.

Robin Fales

Fales, R.J., Boardman, F.C., and Ruesink, J.L. 2020. Reciprocal interactions between bivalve molluscs and seagrass: A review and meta-analysis. Journal of Shellfish Research, 39(3): 547-562.

Elizabeth Underwood

Underwood, E., Darden., T.L., O’Donnell, T.P., and Kingsley-Smith, P.K. 2019. Population genetic structure and diversity of the invasive island apple snail Pomacea maculata (Perry, 1810) in South Carolina and Georgia. Journal of Shellfish Research, 38(1): 163 – 175.

Mariana Hinzmann Hinzmann, M., Bessa, L.J., Teixeira, A., Da Costa, P.M., and MacHado, J. 2018. Antimicrobial and antibiofilm activity of unionid mussels from the north of Portugal. Journal of Shellfish Research, 37(1): 121 – 130.
Daphne Cherel

Cherel, D. and Beninger, P. 2017. Oocyte atresia characteristics and effect on reproductive effort of Manila clam Tapes philippinarum (Adams and Reeve, 1850). Journal of Shellfish Research, 36(3): 549-557.

Megan Levesque

Levesque, M.M., Inglis, S.D, Shumway, S.E., and Stokesbury, K.D.E. 2016. Mortality assessment of Atlantic sea scallops (Placopecten magellanicus) from grey-meat disease. Journal of Shellfish Research, 35(2): 295-305.

Bianca Arney

Arney, B., Wenshan, L., Forster, I. McKinley, R.C., and Pearce, C. 2015. Temperature and food-ration optimization in the hatchery culture of juveniles of the Pacific geoduck Panopea generosa.Journal of Shellfish Research, 34(1):39-53.

Andrew M. Cathey

Cathey, A.M, Miller, N.R., and Kimmel, D.G. 2014. Spatiotemporal stability of trace and minor elemental signatures in early larval shell of the northern quahog (hard clam) Mercenaria mercenaria. Journal of Shellfish Research, 33(1):247-255.

Fay Helidoniotis Helidoniotis, F. and Haddon, M. 2013. Growth models for fisheries: The effect of unbalanced sampling error on model selection, parameter estimation, and biological predictions. Journal of Shellfish Research, 32(1):223-235.
Raymond Mroch
Mroch, R.M., Eggleston, D.B., and Pucket, B.J. 2012. Spatiotemporal variation in oyster fecundity and reproductive output in a network of no-take reserves. Journal of Shellfish Research, 31(4):1091-1101.
Leila Basti


Honorable Mention: Jonathan D. Carey  

Basti, L., Go, J., Higuchi, K., Nagai, K., and Segawa, S. 2011. Effects of the toxic dinoflagellate Heterocapsa circularisquama on larvae of the pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii (Dunker, 1873). Journal of Shellfish Research, 30(1): 77–186.

Carey, J.D. and Stokesbury, K.D.E. 2011. An assessment of juvenile and adult sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, distribution in the northeast Atlantic using high-resolution still imagery. Journal of Shellfish Research, 30(3): 569-582.

MacKenzie L. Zippay

Zippay, M.L. and Hofmann, G.E. 2010. Effect of pH on gene expression and thermal tolerance of early life history stages of red abalone (Haliotis refuscens). Journal of Shellfish Research, 29(2): 429-439.

Damian M. Ogburn 


Honorable Mention: Eric R. Buhle

Ogburn, D.M. and White, I. 2009. Evaluation of fecal pollution indicators in an oyster quality assurance program: application of epidemiological methods. Journal of Shellfish Research, 28(2): 263-271.

Buhle, E. R. and Ruesink, J.L. 2009. Impacts of invasive oyster drills on Olympia oyster (Ostrea lurida Carpenter 1864) recovery in Willapa Bay, Washington, United States. Journal of Shellfish Research, 28(1):87-96.