Special Sessions for the 109th Annual Meeting


NOTE – this is a working document and subject to change.  If you have an interest in any of these sessions,
contact the organizers.  There will be other general sessions as determined by abstract submissions. 
There is still time to organize a special session
if you are interested in doing so, contact Sandy Shumway

Session Title Session Chair(s) Email Address
Comparative Genomics
Marta Gomez-Chiarri             Steven Roberts                       Dina Proestou gomezchi@uri.edu                        sr320@u.washington.edu dina.proestou@ars.usda.gov
Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Aswani Volety                         Evan Ward   voletya@uncw.edu           evan.ward@uconn.edu
Larval Shells
George Waldbusser                Jake Goodwin                waldbuss@coas.oregonstate.edu


Carter Newell       
Aad Smaal     
musselsandoysters@gmail.com aad.smaal@wur.nl
Modelling Marine Bivalve Diseases – Transmission and Climate Controls
Eileen Hofmann                       Eric Powell          hofmann@ccpo.odu.edu


Shellfish and Human Food Security
Eddie Allison    eha1@uw.edu
Apple Snails
Shirley Baker    sbaker25@ufl.edu
Lewis Deaton led9784@louisiana.edu
New Perspectives on Perkinsus Parasites
Ryan Carnegie                       Kim Reece carnegie@vims.edu           kreece@vims.edu
Down on the Farm
LeRoy Creswell                    Julie Davis creswell@ufl.edu Julie.Davis@scseagrant.org
Stan Allen                         Ximing Guo                         Louis Plough ska@vims.edu                   xguo@hsrl.rutgers.edu  lplough@umces.edu
Biomineralization and Biomaterials
Andy Mount                     Karolyn Hansen

mount@clemson.edu     khansen1@udayton.edu

Rom Lipcius rom@vims.edu
John Scarpa John.Scarpa@tamucc.edu
Shellfish Initiatives
Tessa Getchis Tessa.getchis@uconn.edu
Bivalve Molluscs as Food, Structure, Habitat, and Ecosystem Engineers
Kay McGraw                        Steve Allen kay.mcgraw@noaa.gov stevenmallen@gmail.com

Undergraduate Research Colloquium

 Edward Catapane catapane@mec.cuny.edu
Shellfish Fisheries, Sustainability, and Climate change
Roger Mann

Eric Powell