Abstract Submission Instructions for Authors


Abstracts must be submitted online through this web portal.  The uploaded abstract file must include the title, all authors and their affiliations followed by the body of the abstract. SEE EXAMPLE ABSTRACT FOR FORMAT. You will be asked to upload your abstract (saved as MS WORD .doc or .docx file).  Your abstract must include:

- Times Roman 12 pt. font including italics and special characters etc. as needed.  When using abbreviations, spell out in full first, followed by the abbreviation.

- Entire abstract (including title, authors and body) must be single-spaced.

- Title needs to be in bold, with LEFT alignment, not capitalized. Do not put a period at the end of the title.

- Author affiliations/addresses must be complete mailing/street address, with superscripts (see example file for reference). Presenting author denoted by an asterisk (Joe Smith*).  Only ONE PERSON can be listed as the presenting author.

- Email contact of the PRESENTING author only.


- No figures or keywords.

- No citations.

- The body of the abstract must not exceed 250 words, must be written in 3rd person, no "I", "we", or "our", and with JUSTIFIED alignment.

- The file name of your uploaded abstract must be in the following format using the name of the PRESENTING AUTHOR: first name.last name.doc (eg. thurlow.nelson.doc).  If you are submitting more than one abstract, append a numeral after your last name for subsequent submissions (eg. thurlow.nelson2.doc)

- If you need to make a revision to your abstract after it has been submitted DO NOT SUBMIT A NEW ABSTRACT.  Contact the Secretariat ([email protected]).

If you have questions, you may contact Sandy Shumway or Steve Allen. An online source for writing a scientific abstract can be found here.



Poster space is available, contact Sandy Shumway if you have questions